Monday, December 15, 2014

BREATHE, Episode 1 of The Devastation Series

Many of you already know, back in July, I finally landed my dream agent, Terrie Wolf (@AKA_Terrie on Twitter, go follow her, she's a very positive voice). She's terrific, I mean, seriously TERRIFIC. I JUST LOVE HER. She's currently shopping my New Adult Contemporary Romance, SECRETS I KEEP. It's just a matter of time before I get to write a post similar to this one about that title--at least I hope. I have faith in Terrie, she'll find it a wonderful home.

But SECRETS I KEEP, as much as I LOVE it, isn't why I'm posting today.

Today is a BIG BIG BIG day, in the words of Effie Trinket. I have made the decision, with the blessing of my awesome agent, to self-publish my New Adult Science Fiction Romance, BREATHE, Episode 1 of The Devastation Series.

This is the book that started it all. It's had many titles, but for a while now it's been Devastation. I'm an emotional writer, and it just felt right. For short, my critique partners and I call it "D." Well, DEVASTATION is long to write every time I want to refer to it, so D makes it quicker. However, for titling a book, and being able to read it in thumbnail size, it is really LONG, and I'm not really sure a book with the title D on the front would get much traction, so I've renamed it BREATHE. It is the opening episode of this series with several titles to follow.

This book has had many readers, most of them not writers, and just about everyone who has read it has said, it's THE ONE. The book that will put me on the map. BOY I HOPE SO, because I'm getting  ready to jump in with both feet, my arms, legs and everything else you can jump in with. I'll finally see how the masses like it.

I'm as nervous as a fly at a frog convention. However, I'm equally excited. I mean, people will actually get to read it. MY BOOK! They'll get to go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble's website, iTunes, all those places, and download MY BOOK. I hope they will take a few moments to leave a review, so I will know how they like it. Good golly, I pray they connect with Lexa and fall in love with Gabe as much as I have.

I haven't written my acknowledgements page just yet, but I have so many people to thank for helping me with this book. Now I can also thank many for shoring me up and giving me the courage to put it out there into this big cruel world. Each of you encouragers know who you are. Not to worry, you'll be on that acknowledgments page.

If you have NO idea what The Devastation Series is or BREATHE, please take a look at the tabs above. There's one for BREATHE, and in the future there will be one for each of the episodes in the series. It will give you an idea of what's to come. I will post the first couple of chapters in the next day or two, so keep an eye out.

Please consider signing up on my email list (check the right sidebar, there's a short email form). I PROMISE not to spam you with a gagillion emails all  the time. I will just let you know information about my writing, contests, giveaways, advance read copies up for grabs, meet and greet opportunities, and, of course, release dates.

For now, let me leave you with my cover. Please comment below and tell me how you like it.

Yeah, that's Gabe... he's every bit as HOT in the book as he is on the cover. *le sigh*

Monday, June 16, 2014

Writing Process Blog Tour

My writing process... hmmm, now there's a question. Actually, there are four! I was invited by the lovely BA Wilson to join in on this fun blog-hop to learn more about the writing process from lots and lots of authors. Go check out her writing process on her blog at .

1) What am I working on?

Well, that's the gagillion dollar question these days. I have multiple books started and about three more brewing in the back of my mind. As far as actual writing projects, the two works I tend to go back in the forth the most are the sequel to my first novel, a romantic light sci-fi, DEVASTATION, titled DESPERATION, and a follow-up for SECRETS I KEEP. The follow-up, to be titled LIES I TELL, will be a stand alone, though it will be part of a series of books with similar feel and style. Mostly though I'm working on trying to get my current book SECRETS I KEEP, a NA Contemporary Romance with dark elements and family drama, represented by an awesome agent, and hopefully published sometime in the next year or two.

2) How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

Okay, I've thought how I can put this, but have decided it's already been explained as well as it can be, by my now close friend, Jennifer Hawkins (who at the time of writing her blog post about SECRETS I KEEP, she and I had only just become acquaintances, and were just really starting our friendship)... so I think it's best said on her blog post, "The New Adult Genre: I'm a believer again."

3) Why do I write what I do?

Well, I started out writing my first novel for my, then 15 year old daughter. My latest novel, SECRETS I KEEP, I wrote for me. Whether it sells or ever sees the light of day glancing off other shiny titles on a bookstore shelf, it's mine. A story close to my heart that had to be written no matter if it's what agents or editors are looking for. This was a must write. I just hope, it becomes a MUST READ on many of your lists, eventually.

4) How does my writing process work?

That depends on the day, the hour, and what's going on around me. In an ideal world, I am in a comfy place, music playing in the background, usually something that reflects the feel and tone I want the story to have, and I have peace and uninterrupted quiet to get lots of words down before I have to get up for a leg stretching break. However, since I don't often live in that ideal world, it usually works more like, music playing, while I'm trying to snatch moments between work, laundry, kid interruptions, dog pottie break needs, household and life-stuff that seems to be out to get me and my precious writing time. So basically, I'll write anywhere I can find a moment and be able to turn on my laptop.

Next week (June 23rd), go check out these three

amazing authors to see how their process works. 

Jennifer Hawkins is a mom, wife, nurse, and author of adult & young adult fiction. Her short story, "Preach What You Practice," received an honorable mention in the 2014 Writer's Weekly Short Story Competition. She lives with her husband of nine years, two adorable sons, and a Great Dane who thinks she's a lap dog. Though she'll always be a South Carolina girl at heart, Jennifer now resides under the sprawling Texas sky--where there's plenty of sweet tea and sunshine, thank heavens.
Visit her blog at

In a previous life, Kristin Kisska Mehigan was a finance geek, complete with MBA and Wall Street pedigree. Now surfing her renaissance wave, she’s a self-proclaimed fictionista. Her contemporary suspense novel, PURPLE SHADOWS, is set at UVA, her alma mater. When she’s not working on her next book (a quest set in Prague), she can usually be found tweeting @KKMHOO or blogging weekly about life and writerly things on her “Leave it to Kris…”, her Tumblr page.
It can be found at

Charlotte is the beautiful blonde.
Charlotte Levine-Gruber is a third generation Texan who spends at least part of every day with her nose in a book. She worked in a variety of professions; exercising race horses, apparel buyer in Manhattan, and registered nurse before returning to school later for an MBA. She spent many years working in corporate bankruptcy liquidations and brings this body of knowledge to her novels. UNFINISHED BUSINESS is her debut book and she's currently working on the next, WORK IN PROGRESS.